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About eTrino™

eTrino™ has been developed to maximise the benefits that email can deliver within your Company. It is the link that consolidates your most powerful communications asset for the future.

Intelligent Communication throughout your Organisation

eTrino™ has been developed for the way you do business now and in the future. Email is the fastest growing communications tool in the world. It allows immediate interaction with your customer, supplier and prospect base. It allows your company to manage and track the distribution of information both throughout your own organisation and to your customers. We understand the value of digital communication today and are providing the tools to allow you to maximise its benefits.

eTrino™ Communiqué provides you with all the tools to allow your company to leverage the true value of email communications.

eTrino™ Manager gives you access to the aggregated database of every User and their contact data, allowing you to track their emailing activities as well as the responses to target contacts via a range of automatically produced reports.