the word for intelligent email communication

eTrino™ is a communications tool that will give you unprecedented results in the use of email for Marketing, Sales and Corporate Communications.

eTrino™ is an advanced email communications solution - yet it is simple and easy to implement. It has been developed to deliver dynamic digital communications in corporate and brand management.

In implementing eTrino™ you are creating an environment to deliver more sales, create better and more efficient communications, save both time and money on existing communications methods and deliver continuity of brand and corporate identity.

Whether you are a large or small organisation eTrino™ delivers better results across all of your communications

"eTrino™ has been a fantastic purchase for the Sales and Business Application Teams. Very worthwhile. It now means that we are using our resources much more effectively. Our latest Campaign to one of our leading VIP clients achieved a 43% response rate after only one day!

In an industry where we are renowned for our Service and Support this is a truly valuable tool. We will definitely be looking to make more and more use of it."
Client Liaison Manager, Platinum Corporate Sales.